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There are several solution for the wedding ceremony in Poppi: it is possible getting married in the civil town hall in Poppi and there you have the possibility to get married inside the Poppi's Castle, a real 12° Century castle. The ceremony is official and civil but you have the chance to get married inside the Ballroom, the most beautiful room of the entire castle. As per the symbolic ceremony, the best spot is probably our swimming pool, you could have a look to some ceremonies already done in our Pinterest Page If your idea is doing the Catholic ceremony you should choose a Church. We have a church in every little town: we have one here, you could reach on foot; there is the amazing San Fedele Church in Poppi historical centre, there is the Church of Agna which is in a small town and it was a Romanic parish church and the Romanic Pieve of Romena which is 20 km far from us.

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